6 Supplements That Speed Up Recovery After Surgery

Recovery After Surgery

Going through surgery can be an exhausting and tedious process. There are long hours spent on the hospital bed and for much of the time, you’re rarely active. Depending on the extent of the surgery and how serious it is, it can have you feeling lifeless for weeks before you begin your recovery process.

Although it would be recommended that you try to recover from surgery by resting and eating well, there can be specific vitamins that can help to ‘boost’ your recovery process and get you in a fitter state sooner rather than later. Here are 6 in particular that you can take that will contribute greatly to supporting your recovery.

Vitamin K 

Vitamin K is a common product used by doctors when it comes to recovery in patients. The reason being is that it helps quickly with preventing loss of blood by promoting blood clotting. This is why it’s particularly useful when it comes to surgery where incisions may be applied and issues can arise. As well as its blood clotting attributes, it can also help with building stronger bones which can be useful for elderly patients when they’re going through any form of surgery.

Although Vitamin K is present in the majority of foods such as leafy green vegetables and lean meats, there can be certain conditions where patients are unable to eat such foods. Therefore, the synthetic version of how it can be consumed is through a supplement called phytomenadione or through several multivitamins.

Grape Seed Extract 

It’s useful to know that you can also receive grape seed extract in synthetic form. It has many antioxidant properties which are considered far greater than the ones found in more commonly known nutrients such as vitamin C and E. It has properties that are considered healthy for your heart and even useful for the prevention of cancer.

Where it’s beneficial towards surgery is that it has the qualities to reduce swelling after injury or surgery and essentially protect brain cells from free radical damage. This is why grapes are considered a popular fruit to be received after going through a surgical procedure such as breast reduction, for example.

Coenzyme Q10 

Although naturally produced by the body, the chemicals found in Coenzyme Q10 can be boosted from taking it in supplement form. Its main purpose is being the catalyst for efficient metabolism and providing the relevant cells with the energy they need to break down foods and use them for energy purposes.

It’s generally considered an energy enhancer, which means after surgery it can provide you with the needed strength to get up and go on about your daily routine. It’s also related to promote healing and reduce bleeding and pain.

Fish Oils

Fatty omega-3 acids found in fish have plenty of properties that can have different effects on the body. It essentially promotes a healthier heart, reducing inflammation and preventing arteries from blocking up. This can help with regular blood flow and play a vital role in reducing high blood pressure and promoting blood clotting.

Fish oils are readily available with the majority of health supplement providers. They work best when taken during meals and it’s normally recommended that they’re taken around 3 times a day, but be sure to double check the label before doing so.


Iron is an essential component for the body and is needed throughout the body to ensure bodily functions can be processed. It’s a vital element of hemoglobin which is used to carry oxygen around the body. Iron is so crucial in the body, it naturally monitors the levels of iron that it has in the body and absorbs more if it finds that iron levels are low.

When surgery occurs, the body is likely to lose iron through a loss of blood. This is why it would be recommended to take iron in a supplement form rather than naturally in foods where the body tends to get most of its iron levels from. It’s generally found in foods such as mussels and liver as well as peas and beans.


The main benefit that comes from Arnica is that it stimulates blood circulation around the body. It’s also thought that the plan can also reduce pain and swelling due to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that it contains. It’s already used actively to treat bruises and other forms of traumatic injuries which is why it is heavily used in injury treatment.

When taking Arnica supplements orally, it’s worth consulting with your doctor or referring to the packaging so you’re aware of the specific directions on how it can be consumed. There are also alternative ways to benefit from Arnica if required.

It can be an extremely uncomfortable experience when you’ve gone through surgery. In some cases, many patients try to do too much too quickly, which causes them to go through further pain unnecessarily. It’s important to rest as much as possible and go through the motions of gradual recovery before you consider going back to your normal routine. Having these supplements will be sure to help your recovery and have you feeling better sooner rather than later.

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